The Jefferson Project at Lake George Data DashboardYour window into the data driving our science-based approach to protecting Lake George

Our Smart Sensor Network includes over 50 sensor platforms with more than 500 sensors. They deliver data crucial to informing sustained protection of Lake George.

Click on pulsing map markers to view live data.

Choose which sensors display:
Monitoring the local weather conditions all around the lake.
Monitoring deepwater conditions by slowly lowering sensors from the surface to the bottom of the lake.
Monitoring the quality of the water entering Lake George from 12 streams year round.
Deployed in stream to provide additional data on water depth, temperature, and salt.
Quantifies the turbidity of the water.
Deployed in the winter to collect data on water depth, temperature, and salt after the vertical profilers are removed from the lake in the late fall.
Combinations of the above sensors.