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Weather Conditions at Lake George

Powered by IBM's Deep Thunder

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Deep Thunder, IBM’s High Resolution Weather Forecasting System

Deep Thunder, one of IBM’s 100 Icons of Progress, is a hyper-local weather forecasting capability that combines high resolution weather modeling, unique data and tailored dissemination and visualization to predict short-range, very local weather. For the Jefferson Project, Deep Thunder provides 72-hour forecasts each day for the Lake George area, at 1 kilometer resolution.

One application of Deep Thunder ties forecasted precipitation and snow pack data to precipitation runoff and lake circulation models to predict how road salt is transported by runoff and its movement through the lake.


    The Deep Thunder model runs each night at 8pm, generating a forecast for the next 72 hours. The process takes about six hours to run, so you can expect data to be updated overnight. The forecast updates will cover a 72 hour period at a resolution of 1 kilometer.